Natural Anxiety Treatments, Part 1

Many feel they would prefer to avoid the side effects and risks of prescription drugs used to treat depression and anxiety disorders such as panic attacks. Many over the counter and prescription drugs also tax the body’s nutrition in various ways.

Popular natural remedies for panic attacks and anxiety disorders are often safer and more mild, but very effective, especially if used in combination with each other (e.g., exercise with targeted nutrition). However, most who have access to western medicine prefer a combination of prescription drugs and natural supplements, which can introduce undesirable or even dangerous complications.  If you plan to take both in the same period, consult your physician or qualified nutritionist.

Natural anxiety treatments include certain nutritional supplements, herbs, essential oils, exercises, practical self-help techniques like controlled breathing and positive affirmation, and so on — plus avoiding alcohol, caffeine, allergens, and toxins that may exacerbate one’s emotional condition.

We will note three categories in this first part article.

I. Nutritional supplements

B vitamins – B vitamins work together symbiotically and help nerves cells work. Energizes and calms.
Magnesium – taken with calcium. Relieves anxiety and muscular tension and spasms.
GABA (enhanced with Inositol and Niacinamide) – Amino acid that helps proper brain function and has a tranquilizing effect
DLPA – (DL- phenylalanine) Amino acid that is used to treat anxiety and depression. Some suggest it is best to use under the advice of a physician also trained in nutrition.
Tryptophan – Amino acid found in Turkey meat. Helps you feel drowsy.
Vitamin C – Needed for proper adrenal gland function and handling stress.

II. Herbal Anxiety Remedies

Kava Kava – Used for anxiety and insomnia. Avoid when pregnant or lactating or taking drugs for anxiety. Can cause drowsiness.
Passionflower – Used for anxiety and insomnia. Avoid when pregnant or taking drugs for a thyroid condition
Chamomile -  Used for anxiety and stress. Useful for menstrual cramps. Avoid if you have a rag weed allergy. Avoid long term use.
Valerian Root – Use for anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, stress, muscle cramps, and stress. Avoid when taking alcohol.
Hops – Used for anxiety and insomnia. Avoid when taking antidepressant drugs

Skullcap – Use for anxiety, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, stress, muscle cramps, and stress.
Lemon Balm – Aid to an overactive thyroid
St. John’s Wort – Used for depression and stress. Avoid when taking drugs for depression. High dosages or long term use can increase sun sensitivity. It make take two to four weeks on St. John’s Wort to notice a difference.

Also see some information about the use of aromatherapy for anxiety.

III. Exercise

If it is not entirely known why exercise helps those suffering from panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and depression, it is nonetheless an observed fact. Physical exercise is good for many health issues, and it makes great medicine for your emotional well being. Exercise boosts mood, and reduces fears.

However, it is usually recommended that you consult your physician before engaging a new exercise regimen, especially if you are older or have significant health challenges, some of which may be hidden (like cardiovascular build up from high cholesterol). For most of us, walking is a safe and highly beneficial form of exercise if it is done regularly during the week. Muscle stretching exercises are also most helpful.

If you have not exercised in a while, beginning in slow and mild manner is advisable rather than throwing yourself into a rigorous scheme, especially if you are older. Too sudden a jump into rigorous exercise may, for example, somewhat damage your muscles and joints, so that you must spend a period relaxing and recovering before having a go of it again.

Generally speaking, the older one gets, proportionately the more muscle-building exercises need to be incorporated in order to maintain the strength needed for aerobic exercise.

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