The Linden Method for Anxiety

Charles Linden researched those who successfully overcame their panic attacks and anxiety disorders to come up with a method of reprogramming the amygdala to reach its normal and balanced state, thus eliminating inappropriate anxiety reactions and phobias of many kinds. The amygdala is a pair of small bits in the limbic system of the human brain where fear responses are centered.

The core of the Linden Method for Anxiety consists of some concepts about fear and some structured exercises that motivated sufferers can use to reprogram their subconscious brain. A condition of anxiety disorders is that the amygdala is “stuck in the on position.” Once applied successfully, the Method enables a person to switch “on” and “off” as reasonably and normally needed (since there are appropriate conditions to feel fear). It is thus a very natural anxiety treatment.

The usual product package consists of the key portion of the method, in DVD or pdf format, a number of audio recordings, and bonuses useful for addressing various specific issues. A highlight of The Linden Method is its 24 hour phone and email service for a full year after purchase. A staff is available to help with technical or motivational difficulties, periodic hurdles, or other counseling needs.

Linden suggests there are three kinds of anxiety sufferers. One, those who protect and value their anxiety, two those with a casual interest in making a change should a quick and easy solution arise, and three, those who are actively seeking their own improvement.

Linden warns that those who are interested in his method must follow directions carefully and consistently until the amygdala is properly re-conditioned. When directions are rigorously applied, re-conditioning often happens remarkably quickly. Nonetheless, patients have a full year to seek a refund, though better than 96% of users are cured using the method.

The Linden Method (with which the writer is affiliated) has been successfully used on the very young to the very old, but simple additional instructions are available for an adult supervising treatment of anxiety disorder in the child or adolescents.

The Linden Method - Stop General Anxiety and Panic Attack Fast!

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